Your right if you own 1/2 a house?

If you own half a house and your sibling owns the other half, what are your rights if you live in the house? Can the other person force you to sell? Can the other person insist you pay them rent? Do you have the same rights to a rent book/agreement as an normal tennent?

Hi Orchard

Will try and be clearer. The man lived with his mum all his life in the house. The mum dies and the house is left 2 man and his sister. The sister wants rent of the half she owns. But won’t give a rent book or rent amount etc. wants the bloke to move out so it can be sold and she can get her money. The Q i’m asking is can she demand rent and can she force him to sell? If she does give him a rent book etc does that give him rights as a tenent?

Also he pays all the bills etc as he always has.

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