Your opinion on yard sales for the July 4th weekend…?

I wanted to see everyone’s opinion on something. I’m considering putting some things out in a yard sale this coming Saturday July 3rd, 2010. I know that it’s a holiday weekend, but seeing that I live in the city I know that many people stay local for the 4th, and even for those that travel down to Cape Cod, Boston, or where ever (I live in MA), if they travel out on Saturday morning they may have the time to stop in during their travels.

I think it should be fine seeing that I would be doing this on Saturday the 3rd and not on the 4th.

I live on a side road off a busy street in a busy city (new bedford, ma) and on my street there is a combination of single and multi family homes. So since I don’t have a ton of things to put out, but certainly enough for a yard sale, I was also thinking about writing out a quick letter and leaving a copy of the letter in each of my neighbors mail boxes to let them know about my intentions on the yard sale, and to see if they too may put some things out in their yards. This way there would be multiple families having a yard sale on this one street which should get more attention… and so my own yard sale doesn’t look so small, lol.

These people a couple houses down from me annoyingly have a yard sale on what seems to be every weekend, and I swear they have things out during the week too, lol. So I’m sure with my letter to the neighbors, at least the permenant yard sale people will be putting their things out, LOL. I plan on putting ads on craigslist, flyers in stores and of course signs in the area.

So what is your opinion on having a yard sale this coming weekend for Sat. the 3rd (not the 4th)? Should I make out the letter for the neighbors? And finally, should I put in my ad and signs that its multiple families having yard sales on the street? Again, where I know for sure that myself and the fixed yard sale people will be doing it, it wouldn’t be misleading… and just hope other neighbors will do it too. If you got such a letter from a neighbor would you put some things out, even if you only had a few things since you know people will be on the street anyways? What do you think?

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