Young first-time buyers questions?

I have a lot of questions about the buying a first in the housing market, but I’ll have starten.Ich with some basic information from Oklahoma moved to Ohio in December on my friend longtime (19 years), which has already been moved back and with beizutreten.Wir families live and work full time and make a decent income. We (audit reports and reviews for both of us in early October 2010) credit is very good-looking in the top 600, and the bass is her’m 700.Ich expected an inheritance from the sale of my grandmother mother recently passed away at home, from approximately $ 10 000 erhalten.Ich working in health care and can be easily and quickly a job upon arrival in Ohio.Ich originally planned on renting, but decided to research further the effective kaufen.Wir cheaper to buy a condo in the Lakewood area outside of Cleveland, OH particular apartment is located on top of our list on the market for a flight of about $ 34.900, located in a building high-rise condos near the shore of Lake Erie with a fantastic view over the lake, balcony, 1 bedroom 1 bathroom, 720 meters square and a garage with a comfortable and all appliances enthalten.Ich not living there for over 5 years maximum, so I’m a 5 / 1 ARM think finance the plan by 5% down. And consider the HOA fees, insurance and taxes taken. I also consider my budget from a mortgage interest rate of 5.5% zugrunde.Die apartment could be a few alterations (fresh paint, new floors, updated appliances), but really started bereit . HAHA, sorry, it’s an experience. Now, for the Fragen.1. Will I have difficulty getting a mortgage? If yes, why? 2 How long must I wait for the closing take? 3 What should I negotiate with the offer (upgrades, closing costs and taxes the first year in HOA fees the first year?) 4 Do two of us able to sign on loan even though we’re not married? What kind of fifth interest rate can be expected, I got a young first time buyers? All answers, suggestions and questions are welcome and will geschätzt.Danke.Ich rates and choose the best answer for you fans score answers. 😉
I own a house in Michigan and have two mortgages on it. I’m trying to sell my house in Michigan, and he is on the market for 5 months. I got 95,000 for them and my agent wants me to try to sell it for 50,000. I bought it at 120,000. I recently, after Ohio (signed for at least 3 years) has been transferred and I was wondering if I should rent an apartment instead of buying another house. I’m being evicted from the house in Michigan and if I want my credit card is not good enough to buy a second home thinking. I am for a second loan of 100,000 over what I owe my first house approved. Should I buy another house in Ohio and locking on the second (in Michigan) and make effects. I think hiring a real estate lawyer to help me with options. What do you think? Any ideas?

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