Young and need to repair credit…?

I am twenty years old and I’ve acquired a lot of debt over the past two years. I owe capital one $ 650.00. I have a car note that’s late most of the time and when I was 18 my uncle rented property in my name and was evicted two months b4 the lease was up… not to mention student loans. Can anyone give me any advice on where to start as far as repairing my credit. I would like any good budgeting tips, websites or books. I’ve seen my parents make this mistake and I just want to start repairing my credit now so when I am done with school I can move on with my life and make better decisions as far as credit goes.

ONE MORE QUESTION… are those secured credit cards worth the price tag???
* I work a part time job getting paid 12.00/hour. I work about 52 hours a week

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