You rent or own your home? And what is your opinion about this article: Buying a house is a ticket to financial?

Security is a “fraud” for the American people are looking for companies verübtSchulden around us, are less mobile and storage to any Konsumgüter.Es vonunnötige buying a lot of drawbacks and versteckteKosten Buyers , who lost in the “American dream” Talk: .* * Insurance premium tax base (with break pipes, feeding problems, etc.) (to be compensated for the standard tax deduction you receive on your mortgage) .* .* .* maintenance costs of rebuilding public services (utilities and maintenance for tenants in rent often resist price, but it is not part of a mortgage if you own) .* gardening fight against pests, etc. (again, the rents in general, these included in the price, but not mortgages) .* A deposit of at least 15%, which is $ 90,000 to $ 600,000 on a house.

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