yahoo &oohay.commer’s could you create such an non profit tax write off perc like this one.?

my wealthy Tycoon friends and associates like mrs Elizibeth Taylor and some well known middle class here in the greater Tulsa Oklahoma metro area.had always sid we would have given more Tax write off money’s unto charity if we had moere controll over and about where the money’s are spent.we know from experience places like the Salvation Army and Annie & Henry Zarrow building help some what with gas vouchers and help paying folks rent.yet imagine if mrs Taylor or one of my rich Grenwich associates were to become homeless and poor tomorrow could they walk to one of these places and ask for an voucher to buy A cheap Automobile and also have A voucher paying for insurace till the he or she recieved his or her first pay roll check.maybey perhap’s the non religious version would be more what my freinds were hoping for.i being kiddnapped and brain washed too lose my memory only too live under this new name both as semi retired S:S:D;i while attepting to make ends meet as A temp worker at our local Stand by personel labor hall=know all too well how the current or present system works and how it could be improved.i have seen days at stand by when hardly no work order’s come in at all.yet these former and currently homeless folk show up each day to work regardless.this is one reason i had hinted unto my corperate Executives to view my drivers licsense photo and throw some work these folk’s direction.(Why) both bennifit.smaller floor space factories=less taxes per year for my coperate giant offices and cheap abandoned Exfactory buildings here local are easy to retool for our type of Toy bicycle & motor cycle products yet each plant i hath seen are all with in walking distance from local temp agencies and Homeless shelters.yet others are not this is where the used car vouchers would come in handy.most folks i have net each day are honestly enough attempting to leave the homeless life behind by working.if you could run such A thing wuld you not want it just as i hath described.or for those whom donate huge sum’s of money(why) this controlls where our & your money is going better than the old system we hath had all this time.admitted an currupt entity and most of we or us know it.i leave this ball in your court yahoo.commers and with my associates whom donate this wad of cash each Tax year.
added i apologize for this lengthy question. yet once you read it,i art sure you all will agree.

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