XBOX 360 Repairs/Returns issues…is warranty a scam?

My boyfriend purchased a xbox 360 last year approximately in September 2008 and had to send it in to be repaired for the red ring of death shit. cool that it was free, but what he got back from Microsoft was a completely different console aka a “refurbished unit.” Now his console freezes while playing discs, it has difficulty reading dvds, it doesn’t recognize a disc in the drive etc. He spoke with Microsoft and they claim that a supervisor will have to call him back in 24hrs because, “its Saturday,” and there isn’t a, “scheduled manger,” for him to speak with. Since his unit is now refurbished and not his original console, they want him to pay $ 100 to get it fixed. Is the whole “free repair warranty” just a scam? Either way its the consumer who’s getting screwed! Is there anyway he can get Microsoft repair his xbox free of charge or perhaps be issued credit or a new console?
i know he should have got a “new” xbox but instead he was sent a “factor refurbished” one with only a 90 warranty. He figured that since the original unit contained the extended 3 year warranty, why wouldn’t it roll-over to replaced console? But now he’s 3 moths over the 90 days and they want him to pay. I think
Microsoft customers are one by one screwed out of their original product and are having it replaced with faulty equipment intended to fail.

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