Would You Take Down The Sign?

My husband & I have lived here for 2 years and since then the house next door has been an eyesore as it has been abandoned for that whole time. Now the town tells the owner to display signs that it’s a dangerous property with “No Trespassing” signs. Well, today I find a sign in my back yard! It is his fence I guess but we have been maintaining it over the past 2 years…it fell apart a few times so we bought new lumber and fixed it up. I called the police to see if I can remove the sign from our back yard and they said “it’s their fence so he can do whatever he wants”. So, we are STUCK with this awful “No Trespassing” sign directly in our nice and tidy back yard. We can put up another fence but it will cost us $ we don’t have. The worst part is that we are selling our house and potential buyers see this ugly sign. Argh it’s frustrating! Husband says he’s taking it down. I said we can’t since I called the police and they said no. Would you take it down or relax about it?

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