Would you, if you give me? And do you move from one neighborhood “small” to possess?

I’m 28, have been renting apartments for about 7 years old and live in a residential area above. I am a teacher and get into my work for 6 years and have a credit score of 700. I have large debts (student loans and credit cards) that I manage well. I am made to pay the majority of my credit card soon. And I’m fresh and verheiratet.Mein husband I are currently renting a 1 bedroom apartment. If the lease in 8 months, we’re definitely off. We’re back and forth if you want to rent or buy. The thing is …. we saved a lot of money to put down, but I can benefit from the FHA. And I am currently a teacher and see a lot of programs for teachers beworben.Hier mortgage is my problem. Our new location is probably between 1600-2000 as the cost of rent per month and that is a downgrade in our neighborhood. I do not want to pay for rent. When we buy a house, we can pay, or less for the other Hypothek.Die situation is that the houses I comfort range (about $ 250,000) are not comfortable in large areas. Some homes are located in neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods are kind of nice but not very good (at least not compared to where we live today). It is as if we a place that is a kind of upscale, too, would not go through a good reputation. I consider it a starting material and think it is OK. My husband does not seem to understand that there is nothing in our price range near us now leben.Die things … I earn more money than my husband now. My mother told me that I only choose where they live, as they will generally hinges on man mich.Mein a house, but it is absolutely resistant to living in a bad neighborhood or region who feels so bad. It is native to the Caribbean and never in the “ghetto” in the U.S. since her mother brought her brothers and sisters lived here, she worked hard to make life difficult against the district. As bad as it sounds, it does not really live in a neighborhood while black — and we’re black. I have no problem being in a black community, since I am a black woman, but I do not want to put a pause between us. He wants a place in a diverse group of people I’m looking hat.Jedenfalls in a house as an investment and does not plan to live there the rest of my life, maybe for 6 -7 years before upgrade. What would you do if you give me?

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