Would we qualify for a loan?

I was wondering what the chances are of my dad qualifing for a home loan. We are interested in a house that is 27,000 fixer upper, however my dad doesn’t have great credit. He has a bankruptsy from almost 5 yrs ago, and few other bad things (which all go off in 2011) so they are fairly old as well, he makes 30000 a yr but my husband and i live him and my husband makes 50000 plus a yr (we can’t get a loan just filed bankruptsy) and on my dads bankrupsty there was no house or vehicles just medical and credit cards. So what are the chances that he could qualify for the loan?

BTW- he has been on the same job for 4 yrs.
americar- don’t judge unless you know the situation!
n_maritz- I WILL SAY IT AGAIN YOU DON’T KNOW OUR SITUATION SO PLEASE DON’T JUDGE! We filed bankruptsy because of major medical expenses as for my dad he had a spend happy ex wife who racked up a bunch of debt and then left him. Neither one of us have any debt other than normal monthly debts.

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