would this be counted as subsidence for insurance claim?

I had a burst water pipe in my bathroom.
It happened in the vanity, handbasin area. It was waterlogged and damaged completely as it was cheap chip board construction.
Anyway the real problem was that the water escaped so fast, strong and over quite a few hours that it reached the supporting pylon under the floor and that corner of the bathroom collapsed, so that it is dangerous to walk in the floor being on an angle, and some tiles comming unstuck.
Anyway I feel this undermining of the pier was done by this flash flooding from the burst water pipe, but my insurance company is just saying it is “subsidence”and not covered.
Do I have a case, or would they be correct in not allowing my claim ?
They did upgrade the assessor, and instead of sending a normal assessor they sent an expensive structural engineer, and I think the money they paid him and his $ $ $ report would have been better spent on repairing the pier and making the bathroom safe and useable again.
ps, The ground undermeath the building is completely level, not on any sloping land that would possibly subside. Most of the ground under the house is sand and fine soil. It can cope easily with normal runoff conditions, but obviously not if a few thousand liters of water pour onto a specific area., as was the case.

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