Would it be wise to have a forensic loan analysis on my ARM?

I was contacted by a law firm stating that they offer a forensic loan analysis at the best rate ($ 2500). That they would research my how my mortgage has been filed and handled. Being that it was a hybrid loan, a 50yr term with the first 2 years at 9.21% which has now increased to 10.125%. And that is based on a 6 month LIBOR rate. My loan has also changed companies from Resame to Ocwen. And from what I have heard Ocwen is a debt collector that is handling my mortgage and they are not willing to work on a loan modification. Any advice???
Its really sad to see how people are so quick to judge me for getting into a loan that I supposedly couldn’t afford. The truth be known I can afford the adjust rate. I was told at the time of purchase that this was the best offer available to me. I just like many other people dreamed of owning a home and made a choice to proceed with my purchase. The sad fact is that because of other homeowners not paying their mtg and going into foreclosure I am now not able to refinance even though I continue to pay my mtg. And whats worse is that there are programs to help those losers while responsible people like me get the shaft. So please keep ur nonsense negative comments to yourself.

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