Would it be better to not claim rental income or claim it and use the deductions ?

I own a home which I rent. Rent is paid cash and never goes into an account. I was going to just claim the usual property tax and interest on a simple return but after reading a little about landlord deductions i started to think.. Would it be better for my deductions if I claimed the income, deducted the “cost”, and then took the depreciation and etc… would that be better for my tax return ?

Rent- $ 1200
Mortgage payment (includes taxes and insurance)- $ 1100
Association payment- $ 110
Gas- $ 60
Water- $ 50
Electric- $ 150
Comcast- $ 150

When it comes to the mortgage it includes $ 2300/yr in property taxes, PMI, and condo insurance. I believe the principal paid this year would be around 2750 (equity) and the total interest paid would be around $ 4750. The house was bought for 147,500.

I know this is a lot of information and things like depreciation are a little complicated, but as you can see after all of the utilities (which I pay), the mortgage and everything else I make 0 profit, and the pricipal being so small, I believe I am well into the negative in this property. Therefore, would it be better to just claim the interest paid, and taxes as if it was a personal residence, or should I list the property as a “negative invesment” for lack of better terms.

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