Would I be Wrong?

I was working with a mortgage broker on a mortgage that I wa previously approved for in 2/07. In June when he ran my credit again, he says that multiple negative accounts are showing on my reports plus a bankruptcy. The accounts/BK are not mine. When I pull my reports, I do not see these accounts. (I had seen the BK previously but disputed and it was removed on 2 bureaus and it stayed on the 3rd but he said it didnt really affect me cause it was reported as dismissed, so I figured I would wait 3 months and dispute again. I never saw the accounts though.) The loan officer is saying that my reports are pulling up 2 social security numbers, I have already verified my social to him. I think those negative marks are from that other number. He is telling me that there is nothing else he can do. He suggested I contact the credit bureaus to straighten it out.He mentioned a quick rescore but said it was too expensive.Would I be wrong to go with another lender at this point? What should I do
Finally got a copy of the report from the loan officer. It is showing multiple accounts in BK. I called each credit bureau today and I am still being told that those items do not pull up on my current report. I did fax the CRAs copies of my ss# and driver’s license. I hope that work.

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