Would I be able to get a Commercial Morgage/Loan?

Would I be able to get a Commercial Mortgage/Loan?
I have been working for garages since I was 16 but since my last job, where I was having trouble with a manager, I haven’t been able to find another so I am currently on Job Seekers Allowance.

I have come across an opportunity where I can buy a fully established large garage for £150,000 freehold.

The thing is, I have no deposit and for the past 3 months I have missed my credit card payments.

I think it should be taken into account that I am only 20 years old going onto 21 but I am very serious about running a business.

I was just wondering what my options are.

Thanks in advance.


I should also add that it has its own MOT testing station and comes with 3 full time employees and one part time.

I haven’t yet seen the accounts but I am waiting for them.

(I did ask this late last night but I was hoping for more answers/suggestions)

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