Would Dave Ramsey recommend paying off your mortgage first then investing is say an IRA?

We are 30 years old and have a little over 200,000. mortgage. Even in this economy we have over 100,000. in equity because my husband built our home. We have no investments other than our home and my husbands display lot (he is a carpenter and building garages and storage sheds, this lot is a commercial piece of property and we owe about 35,000. it would sell right now for about 70,000. with some time on the market.) These two real estate investments are it for us. We have been making extra payments on the commercial lot and hope to pay it off int he next 5 years. We usually pay about $ 100.00 extra on our home each month. We are a corporation so we choose not to pay into S.S. We do qualify for it though because we have paid in for enough years. We need to think about our future and we just aren’t sure where we need to focus our attention….Pay the mortgage off asap or invest in a IRA or what? I will really look forward to some intelligent advice!!!! Thanks so so much!
P.S. We have very small car loans totaling about 10,000. for both vehicles. We have a very low interest rate on a school loan.

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