Would anyone buy a recreational vehicle when the finance company holds a title?

This person (I don’t know this person) is selling a Toy Hauler (travel trailer). Anyway he owes about $ 10K to a commercial bank. Because the bank is commercial, the Title is in another state. IF I go with the seller to the bank. Get a payoff amount with a receipt. Have the bank send the title to an alternative address (mine) but it will take around 3 weeks. The seller is going to give me a copy of the receipt of payoff (because I’ll be there). I”ll have a “NOTORIZED” Bill of Sale, Seller will sign a Release of Liability. The bank is going to give a loan closing letter that states the lien has been paid, therefore in the clear.

Loan center said that there could be only one lien on each vehicle. So that gives me the impression that no random person that feels they are owed money can put a lien or judgement on it. You know like a second mortgage to a house….

I’m in California

Would you do this? With all the above documentation, is it safe enough? IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I SHOULD ASK FOR?
I know that it’s risky and there are alot of toyhaulers out there but I’m looking for a 21 footer and this one has ALOT of upgrades. It is also in mint condition and has only been used 2 times. The generator has less than 10 miles on it.

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