would a refinance benefit me?

I have a 5.1% 30y fixed-rate mortgage with a balance of $ 218,600, a 6.5% 20y fixed rate secured personal loan with a balance of $ 94,300, and a 11.9% credit card with a balance of $ 9,200.

I was prequalified for a 30y fixed-rate refinance loan of $ 328,000 (incl. closing costs) at 5.62%, and would be putting all three of the above debts into the refinance.

Besides having just one payment, would this provide any other benefit, or would I be paying more interest in the long run?
Lauren, the old payment altogether is $ 2368/mo, and the new payment would be $ 2242/mo, so I guess I’d be saving about $ 120/mo….but the personal loan is only a 20yr and I would be refinancing it into a 30yr, wondering if it gives any benefit either way…yes, the closing costs are abt $ 5900.
Considering this, how long would it be before I’m actually saving money as opposed to paying off closing costs?
oops, just wanted to add that the payments above include principle, interest, taxes and insurance (on the house)

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