Would a mortgage broker be benificial to me?

I have a bankruptcy that is about 18 months old now. I was told it is possible to get a loan but I have no idea where to apply, I have applied at a bank but I was told that they are picky so obviously I was denied. I was reading about mortgage brokers and that they basically hold your hand through the process of buying a house. I really have no idea what I am doing, I am trying to read as much as I can but I still have a lot of anxiety about it all, every time I think about it, it starts making my mind race. I was reading and some people said mortgage brokers can scew you over, How do they screw you over and how do I find a good one?
you can keep your rude answers to yourself. I’m trying to learn here and I am asking an honest question. People act like I am stupid because I have a bankruptcy but you don’t know my situation. My husband is the entire reason why I had to claim bankruptcy, and it wasn’t even his fault. But I’m not going to explain things to you. I have good credit history except for the Bankruptcy, I pay everything on time. I just want advise to move forward.
I know they don’t care, But I also know that people can stop being rude and just be helpful. When I talked to the person that I applied for the loan with they were very helpful, they didn’t get rude with me. I just get sick of people on the internet thinking they know so much so they think they have a right to be rude. Time are really hard, they have been particularly hard on me and I am just trying to move forward.

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