Without being insulting, explain the difference betw. health & auto ins. regarding pers. responsibillity?

I just saw someone (I usually disagree with) ask a similar question and they were excoriated for their opinion.
If it’s not fair to reward people for being healthy, why do people think it’s fair to reward people who are good drivers, live in areas with low repair costs and low theft rates or drive safer or inexpensive to repair vehicles?
Insurance is insurance. You look at your risk exposure and what you’re going to have to pay out and divide that by the number of insured units. If some of the insured go to lengths to save you money, shouldn’t they get some credit for that?

For those who just with to be insulting, get a rise out of people or make assumption about my motives, don’t bother. I’m legitimately trying to understand how people think on this issue so if you’re incapable of a reasonable response just move along to the next question and waste someone elses time, thanks.
Rundown, thanks for the answer but since there are people without health insurance, it’s also clearly a “choice” according to your logic.
Rundown, that’s true but then depending on where one lives, it may not be a viable option to not own a car. Could my wife, a CPA, work efficiently without a car? No, She’d have to change her entire lifestyle.
Regardless of that, you’re missing the point of the question since you didn’t consider the end of the question “regarding personal responsibility”.
According to some, if I’m I own a Ferrari, drive like a maniac and have a habit of leaving my keys in the car causing them to be stolen, I should have the same car insurance cost as a Corolla driving librarian who lives in rural Arizona and only puts 2000 miles a year on her car.
caldude, that’s true, but auto insurance doesn’t pay for putting a new drivetrain in your car. That’s either warranty work if the car is new enough, or the responsibility of the car owner.

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