With Royal Mail? I was incredibly stupid ….?

Ok, so Orange UK are swapping my phone for a better listener, and she asked me to write this address. The package is insured for up to € 500, and in my old phone. The address of the representative CS told me to send her was: Refresh feedback logistiqueAppletree Centre Banbury Road, BanburyOX17 1LLC’est I versa àMise plane sent Apple Tree Road, BanburyOX17 0LLIl is quite similar, but not identical. Please note that the website of Orange, it is said that the name of the building is back to update Orange. So if the package does not reach, I can claim the insurance? He has my address on this subject, it will again? And finally, do you think he was able to achieve, given the similarity of the addresses? Thanks for any help! PLEASE DO Xx Reply

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