Will we be able to get a fair mortgage? What are our Options?

My wife and I own our house ,valued at about 70,000.with a small15,000 second mortgage.

We would like to move closer to work.The houses we have been looking at are about 125,000-150,000.

We both have stable employment and FAIR credit.
Our annual income is approx 75,000 gross.
We do not have a large down payment immediately available.
We also have no debt beyond the second mortgage.

We have been getting unsolicited offers on our house,but nothing concrete yet.

Some of the ideas we’ve seen have been; “Bridge loans”
or an 80/20 loan.(which we would then pay off the 20 when we sell our existing home)

Am I missing anything? Any other Ideas out there? Does it sound like we could pull it off? Or is it too much of a stretch in todays mortgage environment?

I appreciate everyones help so far.

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