Will Obama’s loan modification plan help me?

I asked this before, but since some time has passed I’m hoping for clearer-er-er answers. I have a countrywide loan that went almost underwater because my value in my home dropped after i bought it 4 years ago. I say almost because last time I checked, 2 years ago, I was at 95% LTV. I bought with a 80/10/10 loan and then my wife lost her job and my pay was cut due to the state of the economy. I have never been late on my mortgage but it is a struggle to keep paying bills. On paper, do I qualify and who do I talk to about this? The go-to answer is to call countrywide, but when I do I get a message on the prompts saying that they don’t know all the answers about the new plan and i’m afraid they will give me the run around if I try to talk to an agent. Does anyone have countrywide or more info on what I can do.
thanks in advance

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