Will my mortgage be paid in full a good move?

I bought a house in 2007 and my rate to 6.75% of the original loan was $ 175,000, I’ve included the original price of the house was $ 215,000, but I managed to get for $ 175,000 . I paid for 3 years and my balance is (speak of how banks to deduct the people) still $ 160,000. Anyway, my payment over $ 1100 per month (excluding Scrow) $ 1,700 with Scrow. His highly sought after community (sold by the way), Texas (which is why its cheap). I am not currently living in it, because it was like the property / rental investment since I bought it, I’m sitting next to 60,000 in one account, which gives me the benefit of 0.9 %, and I am able to save about 2-3k extra per month depending on the month. My mother is willing to lend me $ 90,000 to pay the mortgage in full. ? But the question is should I do if I have to pay for the house, I should pay my mother with interest and agreed to pay $ 2500 – $ 3000 per month for 3 years, amounting to approximately $ 108,000 ($ 18,000 [in the interest of not a bad investment for you]) My reasoning for this is that I prefer a certain interest paid to my mother (3 years) to pay more than 25 years (about 200,000 of interest) to some hole ass (investor), the I do not know and whose leaders say four-fifths of my monatlich.Für mortgage interest tax relief to those so precious Tada Tada, I do zutreffen.Eine something else I forgot I was once full payment, I expect the purchase of my brothers house because its toxic assets to him (9.75% annual rate), only to him of the intense interest that the food he is alive entlasten.Egal, what should I do? Thank you!
Need advice of a lawyer / person with experience – I live in Texas, where they can not gaudy salaries. I am married with one daughter and another on the way and win just enough to get by. My wife does not work. We have 30,000 in student loans from 10 to 15,000 of credit debt 25,000 for our 2 cars and over 80,000 on our house. We literally have 0 equity in one of them, because our interest rates were so high when we have the rental car. I pay just a plumber, we could not, after finishing the job and it will probably the first of many, we can not pay our credit cards anymore because we do not continue behind the mortgages and cars. If the judge of the court requires me what happened, n

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