Will my mortagage penalty and interest offset my 401K withdrawal penalty and additional income?

Well, before making the leap I need a little help and second opinions are always at hand. I’m going to buy a house and pay 20K in prepayment penalties and plug in another 17K in costs. The payment on a loan 440K I montlhy I resign from my previous employers 401K plan must be able to pay. My plan is to make the minimum ceiling of the car and pay the debt visa / that I inherited. If I come out $ 40K (8K only after tax) from my 401K how much I mortgage rates and points to offset completely, which is withdrawn from the 401k for the purposes of determining adjusted. The goal here is not guilty of a power / state taxes. BTW I live in California. If I do not do this is to retire I will not be able to pay the mortgage and secondtly I will continue to pay up to 10% interest on the debt that I inherited. So if anyone has any bright ideas, I’m all ears.

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