Will manufactured home trade-in value and land-in-lieu value be credited on a loan for a new mf’d home?

I currently have a mortgage for a manufactured home which sits on my own land. My husband and I want to buy a larger manufactured home using land-in-lieu of cash down payment. If the trade-in value on the old home is $ 20,000 and the the land appraisal is $ 20,000, will $ 40,000 be credited against the new loan amount?

My wife and I are currently looking at a manufactured home with 1.8 acres of land in South Carolina, it is a doublewide home, on a permanent foundation, currently it is “unhabitable”, in that the sinks have been removed and may need some electrical work. Trying to find a mortgage is killing us. Our credit scores are in the low 700’s. We have been pre approved for twice as much as this purchase would be. Are there other options like getting it as an investment property or doing a land loan on it? I need to know if this is even possible, or if there is a way to beat the loan system that is making it super hard to get a loan on a manufactured home.

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