Will I qualify buyers programs for the first time at home?

Hello, My husband and I ready to buy a house in 2 years or less. I have never owned a home, but my husband was a co-owner of a house with her mother 20 years ago for 2 years. Is that totally ruin our chances our chances of qualifying for the first time home buyer programs? I am 39 years old and he is 46, so old, has nothing to do with the qualifications of the program. Thank you! Perhaps Sorry, I false information. I meant the first time home buyer credit, but I also have about HUD and FHA programs (that is where we will probably fall on our income) to speak, but that’s probably nothing to do with whether you ever had a House possessed again I do not know. I just started the processus.La House has long been exhausted. We rely on our credit (do a great job), the repayment of debt and save so the goal of working for two years. These answers were great, thank you. I think FHA sounds good and there are programs we look in the county.

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