will i get my earnest money back if my mortgage fails?

1st time homebuyer..went to mortgage co.(had the “good Faith”) found a house, put my earnest money down. Now the mortgage co needs 3 lines of credit on my husband. if he dont have it, and the contract fails to go thru, will we get our money back? He has 3 lines of credit (barely), but having trouble getting the payment history. We were late on our cell phone pymt a couple times. Will that effect our mortgage loan too? so i guess i have more than one question for you. We are getting so frustrated.we want this house so bad. They are not doing it in my name because i am unemployeed at the moment. (had back surgery). we paid off all my husbands old debts, I think mine are to much for us to pay right now…if you can understand all this and answer all my Q, i would feel so much better..sorry we have alot of Q. thanks for taking the time to read all this, and any answers would really help…

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