Will I get anything back if parents claim me on their taxes?

-Age: 22
-Lived at home all of 2011.
-Worked wages were $ 4,200. but no Federal or State Taxes withheld so nothing to get back.
-Wasn’t enrolled in school Full-Time.

*For those who might answer but don’t know that making LESS than $ 3,700 only goes to TAXED income. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

1. Do ALL of the test have to be met or can it be AT LEAST one of them?

2. So I am a qualifying relative right? It doesn’t really matter if I get anything back or not but just wanting to know.

3. Also if they did claim me would it make them have to pay back since I wasn’t enrolled in school last year (due to financial reasons) like it showing up as a negative or whatever the correct term is in tax words?

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