Will I be able to get a mortgage loan for $175,000?

I live in the state of Texas and will be making 43,000 dollars as a teacher this year. I have just graduated college and only have my student loan debt (56,000) and a small credit card debt of (4,000).
I am in a situation where my rent will not be much less than purchasing a home.

There are certain mortage incentives that I can get for being a teacher in Texas (5.99% apr, as well as some money towards a home).

Will I be able to qualify? I am worried about trying but would love to buy a house instead of renting. However, I do not think that I have the funds to get the loan.

Just a litle more information
– I am married
– with child
– significant other is in last year in college (will be making 40k after graduation in december).
-Parents will help pay for house until then but their credit report is shot.
I do not want to hurt my credit report by having too many people looking at my credit.

We need a house before graduation becaue the fixed 5.99% rate will increase which is a great deal at this time.

My parents also do not have any money that they can help with for a down-payment.

I have a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged 2 years ago. My husband and i both have good jobs, (he a school teacher and me in insurance). We are wanting to purchase a home and the only option we are getting is this 2/28. of course the loan officer is advising us this will be fine to refinance in 2 years.. Has anyone had an experience with this. We are kinda freaked out and don’t want to get overwhelmed financially again

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