Will Home Insurance cover basement flooding because the sewer pipe wasn’t hooked up?

We just bought a home and moved in on June 24th. The basement started flooding on Monday night. The insurance covers contents. The plumber has been here for two days and dug three holes in our basement to tell us that we are not hooked up to the sewer. The basement was lowered over a year ago (the vendor told us) and when that was done it seems that the sewer pipe was plugged and covered up.

Will the insurance company still provide coverage for contents being that there is no sewer?

All of our water sewage for the whole has has been emptying into the ground. Thank you for your time.
The city is coming tomorrow to try to access our line through the sewer.
We told our lawyer who did our closing and he is going to write her lawyer tomorrow for information as to who lowered the basement. We plan to take her to small claims court. She had to have known about this. It makes no sense!
We are praying that the pipes were left to drain underground because the previous contractor was hoping the weeping tiles that lead to the front would work. Or waterproofed the basement because he didn’t realize there was no sewer connection.
The water is coming from underground – no water on the walls. We have to pay for the plumber (who’s been here for 2 days already). This is such a mess!! I’ll update this to let you all know how this goes. Thank you!!
The City didn’t come they said it effects our personal property so they are not touching it.
Also, we didn’t know this, but because our basement has flooded so many times, it has been infected with sewer water and all the germs that comes with it. Who pays for all this? We really do not have the money 🙁
The insurance company said that they will help with part of the plumber’s fee. We have to dig out the front yard now to find the sewer line.

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