Will an equifax credit score of 626 qualify me for 100% financing on a home loan w/closing costs?

I have been approved for an FHA loan in which I have to bring 3% to the table. The home was appraised $ 6000 less than what I originally offered. He does not want to come down on his price because he will not be able to pay off his current mortgage, of which he will be about $ 6000 short after closing costs and fees with price being at the appraised value. He is currently trying to work out a deal with his lender to give him a short sale on the house. Since all of this has transpired, I have increased my credit score to the point that I am able to qualify for more mortgage programs. Should I check with some local companies to get into a better program with less fess than a the broker I used? Im somewhat leery of doing this because I don’t want my current l mortgage company to see that I was shopping around if we would close under the current terms. And I don’t want any inquiries to hurt my score. I WANT THIS HOUSE. Any suggestions on making this deal work would be appreciated.

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