Wife has great credit no income Husband has income bad credit seeking a Mortgage?

Today my wife and I went to a NACA counselor in order to see if we qualify for their “best mortgage in America” program. The outcome was that I (husband) had many collections and a bad FICO (544) but a great income 95k+ my wife on the other hand has no income except some projects she does on the side that net maybe 3k a year but her FICO was (736). We want a mortgage, but I’m trying to figure out the best course of action. NACA wants me to get resolutions either dismissals or payment arrangements for my collections before they are willing to proceed, which isn’t a bad thing, except that many of them are old and are about to drop off my credit report due to the 7 year law. I’m wondering if I should “stir up the hornets nest” by fighting with these collectors or try to see if there is a way to get the loan in my wife’s name and just fix my bad credit over the next couple of years and maybe refinance or something later in our name. Any suggestions? I just find it hard to believe that we can’t get a mortgage in the above situation.

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