Why would Spa Busness Owners and Staff be synical to others trying to better themselves?

” I know..the economy is hurting right now.. and mabe this is not the right or perfect time to go back to school for certain occupations.. But.. I and other hope things will pick up and improve. I contacted this Spa.. actually 12.. one only replied back.. asking about the field with the economy.. and was told its hard .. because no one want to hire new grads? Well she and others were all new graduates at one time. As an Esthetician in WI.. unlike.. Cosmetology… we can work with our license on our own if we want. The spas expect you to do the leg work.. bring in all the busness then when your ready to leave .. you can’t take with you the busness you brought in? How is that fair.. when an Esthetician.. is a Professional with a lisense who can work from home no over head.. bringing in all the clients.. Also.. if busness was bad or that slow.. how can the Spas afford to pay their employees then.. and why aren’t they shutting down. As an esthetician.. you can contract yourself out to Theatres..Opera house.. that is more money.. If your brave.. enough to go into high end dancing establishments and escort services that is even more money.. they need these services for their busness and looks.. they make thousands a day. I don’t know.. why these Spas are so.. caddy.. acting like we Estheticians that are recent graduates can’t get clients alone…when the spa requests we do this for them.. Also.. these Spas cant supply hours.. and yet make you sign a clause to not work at another? When you have to pay your rent? It all depends .. on how persistant and what a go getter you are. You can sell yourself and services. Also.. products and baskets.. spa parties for kids..teens adults.. etc. Bridal Parties.. ideas are endless.. Should I not… let this experience with this email that was negative to get me down? If … I were a cosmetologist here.. I would have no choice but to work under a spas license for two years before .. I could go it alone.. but .. I am not… and don’t. Cheer Me On Friends.. I need the encouragement. Thanks

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