Why would I want to sell on ebay anymore. Their seller fees are so high now.?

I have been selling on ebay for years and it was always a far price on the fees. Within the passed year or so I haven’t had really anything to sell. So those few odds and ends things I did have I put on CRAIGSLIST. My items sold for probably on average 15 percent lower than I can get for it on eBay. So I bought a cell phone off craigslist. I didnt like, so I saw it was selling for more on eBay. So I decided to put on it thinking I can make 20-30 dollars more, why not. So I did, the auction ended at 148, and I paid 120. But WAIT, it cost 1 dollar to list it and I had to pay ebay 17 dollars in ending selling fees. So now I am down to 130 for the phone and I still have to ship it and package it and drive there. As compared to craigslist you meet on your way home from work and its convenient. On eBay they say, use free shipping because it attracts more people. Okay so I did that because everyone else did, so now I am hit with another 12 dollars to ship. Luckily enough I had a small box or that wouldve cost another 5 dollars. So all in all if I didnt have a box I would have made 113 dollars. Average of 17 dollars less than craigslist. Granted craigslist can be shady, but all the people selling the same phone as me were around 120-150. eBay is good if you want to be cheap HDMI cables (which I dont see as many anymore, I buy them for side home theater jobs) but what happened to it? I used to love ebay and its just not worth to sell on it anymore even sometimes to buy. Amazon and eCost are so cheap and they give you real customer service.

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