Why video games are so expensive to develop, publish, sell, market, etc?

Lately, I did, why video games cost a lot of money while curious in stadiums, marketing for it, and so on. I understand this is not necessarily games “free” market, but I do not understand when people things like “modeling and texturing characters can sometimes be very expensive,” say. How? The only thing I see that it costs money to buy programs for them, and pay individuals and groups do. Is it? What makes a game costs $ 20 million – U.S. $ 100mil to put in all the steps? I could do half the things to do developer (im not a creation of super-high level games) myself, for free or very low cost (with programs like Unity, Maya, Cinema 4D, Gimp , Photoshop, etc. Not exactly in the millions we are). So tell me why the game development so expensive?

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