Why Primerica Smart Loan?

If officials know that it is treated worse than a conventional mortgage, why they lie to their friends and family and set it as an honor? Simple interest means nothing if the loan interest rate higher. In fact, wearing a Primerica SMART loan, designed over 30 years, be paid from the age of 22 by bi-weekly payments begin:-A higher monthly payment, more than double the discount on the final cost of worse capital on a repayment plan, if a good old 20-year mortgage compared. Thus, in 20 years to complete instead of 21 or 22, you have a lower monthly payment and it will cost much less to the loan bekommen.Auch SMART is a prepayment penalty if the huge classic nicht.Also you can not prove my assertions wrong, why you sell it? Do not use canned quotes PFS respond with facts and tell me where to find them. “If I remember, only with Primerica for 6 months and then quit?” Some of us are faster than other learners “They seem to think that the SMART loan is a mortgage, but really a debt consolidation” LOL …. A mortgage is a transfer of debt to a creditor as security for a loan. Is this a loan or a mortgage or own? Incidentally, on your loan SMART solution, it has a check box for 1 or 2 mortgages. Silly! “It combines all your debts into one monthly payment, thus reducing your monthly payment” Just like a conventional mortgage. “Do you even know the difference between simple interest per calendar report of interest?” I’m sure. Again subjected to high interest rate loans, this feature makes it all the same length. If you do not understand this premise may suspend your license. “It is most effective when it is paid twice a week.” In fact, the most effective to pay a daily basis. 🙂 “I made over 100 loans SMART” I made over 1,000 mortgages and understand how vergleichenNun total payments, as usual, once you start, in which the facts, run the Primericans like cockroaches when the lights.

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