Why isn’t my credit score improving?

In my early 20’s I had 3 low limit credit cards that went to collections. That was over 7 years ago (they still showed up on my credit report). I currently have a car loan, a student loan (that was in deferment for a while but has been paid satisfactorily non the less), all being paid on time. I have 2 open credit cards in my name, one with a limit of 525, one with $ 1400. I have a Care Credit account with $ 2000 limit and am an auth. user of a $ 2000 limit AmEx. My question is, why is my credit score only 624? I feel like I’ve been working at rebuilding my credit for YEARS with little improvement.
In addition, I usually pay off my cc’s right away—my husband and I have $ 800 on our AmEx right now from our vacation. When that is paid off will my score jump?

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