Why is the average home buyer bieng punished?

Ok, this is the deal.
The lenders now tell you mr. and mrs. home buyer. ” your credit rating of 660 is not good enough any more for you to qualify for the wonderful rates we are offering”. The reason is that we have to tighten up the credit guidelines because too many of your have been screwing up.
the truth ….
The criminals we let get away making fraudulent loans , false docs, no docs 125% of value, sucker interest rates and so on ie… sub prime mortgages.
Not only will you have to pay but this is going to continue to the ressession that we are making believe doesn’t exist go on even longer because the average home buyer can’t buy or refinance their mortgage.

makes sense doesn’t it? We business as usual. So don’t forget to vote for the same criminals in Washington that have been abusing us for decades. Their criminal fund raiser depend on you….
You Need 720 to quality for an FHA loan

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