Why is my daughter getting taken in her divorce, is this common, and is there any help?

I have been watching my daughter attempt to dissolve a marriage and partnership in a small business to the point that she emotionally is fried. They had a business that was doing pretty well…not muti-millions but providing a comfort living for them and employment of 3+ tech. of import car repairs. Now the business is functioning but appears under the table work is being done and business finances are rock bottoming. He has threatened to go bankrupt, denies she has any ownership, he has and continues to see and pay for prositiutes which he apparently was doing 7 of the 13 years of marriage and yes this is documented. It appears he has and is doing everything in his power to destroy the business and leave her with the debts of credit card and taxes while her name is on the credit cards since he had some credit issues previously and she could get a better interest rate than he could so she has her name on these cards under the business name. She has been told by her attorney she can not make any changes in the business funding or money markets but he has successed in doing all this and seem to not be facing any consqences. Initially She was told she has the business asesst and now that the end is coming, due to lack of funds to contiune paying attorney fees for her attorney ( which as of now are approx 35,000) she is being told she has no ownership. How can this change and be so, when she is what has been the stability of the business and he takes advanage of her inablity to stop credit transaction on this card? . How does this man walk away leaving her in such debt and finacial disrepair? They have a child which they co-parent as is “at his convenience”, often he will claim at the last minute he is not willing to take the child, and as part of the parenting agreement she has first rights and takes the child because she would rather her daughter not be placed with a babysitter. My daughter is not a saint… but she seems to be getting the raw end trying of abide by what she has been told to do. Now she has no confidence in her attorney, she is emotional about her LIFE after divorce and her attroney will not answer her questions about what is going on and how is it now she has nothing… no money for her part of the business and all the debt. She has been doing the books documenting everything, transactions and balances. He schuffles moneis around and refuses to let her know. He refused to have the business appraised, which her attorney said to have done. The day before she is going to inventory ( the husband comes up with an offer and recants before the deadline of 48 hours). Now can she fight for a fair chance at getting what she also has invested into this business when her attorney seems to have said, now is no longer the case….is it possible ? I do not believe a court of law in Florida could see a mother , a good and loving mother treated so unfairly. Upon asking for this divorce…my daughted asked for 25,000 (half of the money market account) and a DIVORCE It has now costed her 35,000 and I figure equal for him, and now she has no divorce- alot of financial debt- no job since she was told she could not obtain one durning this divorce as she was employed by this business even tho he wanted her only on the property 1 hour a day to pick paperwork for doing the books( 9a-10a) and had to hire someone for office duties like phone and check outs, run parts etc.

Could you please tell me does this seem possible and fair? I appreciate you reading this and I hope you will respond soon. I have given your so much info and yet I know there is twice this much more I could tell, looking from the outside as my daughter tries so hard to make a life for her and this child.
Yes, it is easy to say get another lawyer, but she is now completely out of money! Is there any recourse towards the crook of a lawyer that took her money? or is it a backroom handshake between lawyers? Is there lawyers that will sign on pro bono? Thanks for your answers!

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