Why doesn’t the Government enact a law that changes the way mortgage loans are amortized?

Think of the incentive and housing boom this would cause.
Instead of paying huge amounts of interest on your loans in the first few years change the schedule to reflect more interest paid out over the life of your loan.
People that are paying large sums against the principal in say the first 1-5 years of their loan are still paying a ton of interest in that time. Their goal obviously is to payoff the loan as soon as possible and not pay anymore interest.
This does not seem fair to people in this category that they still need to pay all that interest up front. If somehow this rule was changed to reflect a sharper increase on the interest later in the life of the loan, it would give people incentive to payoff their loans quicker and reward those that payoff the loan faster.
If this change was put into place, I believe housing sales would increase dramatically and the Country would be on it’s way to a much quicker recovery.

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