why do we have national flood insurance.?

when floods happen government pays for rebuilding rather then private insurance.
IT SEEMS FUNNY HUGELY profitable life insurance is not under government regulation .
AUTO insurance is and you have to have it
HOME owners insurance is and you have to have it
un-employment insurance is paid to the state
we spend thousands every year and never question why the government does not handle all insurance .
BUT regulates the insurance industry i live in florida and every year rates climb 5-6 -7 years of huge profits in insurance paid out to stock holders .who are the people getting rich in the market not workers who pay into insurance its the rich money movers in america how to move your money into there pockets and they are getting better every year at it .should we just all hand back our pay checks and see what the government hands out or do we do something to keep the rich from stealing from us everyday.

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