Why do they want a program run by the government?

Look at what the government now läuft.1. U.S. Post already lost 2 billion this year 2. Medicare / Medicaid Forderungen3 650 million outstanding. VA, heads of government they will receive bonuses running while veterinarians überprüft4 not always. school system I live near Dallas, Texas, and only 49% of Earned Diplom5 school. Since the IRS to collect money that you never hear of problems running the IRS, they had problems with vor6 customer service. The oil industry – because the rules both on the oil companies to share the mentality of making any money because we can now control the government and take over Liebesbeziehungen.7. Agency federal insurance laws and regulations – I work for a very large company and due to federal regulations, I can not buy better companions available to employees through my insurance company in California, I am the highest Texas.8 plans here. the mortgage industry – for years by the government under pressure and caused banks to increase home ownership for certain types of loans are created to make people in the houses can not be obtained. Now that we Flüge9. Amtrak – has never Geld10. Transit – still losing money and increase Fahrpreise11. Cars scrapped – could not even manage a small admin current $ 1 billion Programm.Nun Kool Aid drinkers want to give is the government paving the way for medical care. How would it be no differentiation, and industry-led government at the top?

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