Why do they want a government run program?

Look at what the government runs now.

1. United States Post Office already lost 2 billion this year
2. Medicare/Medicaid 650 million in unpaid claims
3. VA the government executives that run it get bonuses while vets are not getting checks
4. School system- I live near Dallas Texas and only 49% of students graduate with a High School diploma
5. IRS- Since this is collecting money you never hear of problems running the IRS, they did have issues with customer service before
6. Oil industry – because of so many regulations put on oil companies they have the mindset make all the money we can now because the government will regulate and take it over someday.
7. Federal Insurance laws and regulations – I work for a very large corporation and due to federal regulations I cannot purchase the better insurance thru my compan that is available to employees in California, I have to get the higher plans here in Texas.
8. Mortgage industry – years and years of the government pressuring banks and mortgage companies to increase home ownership caused certain types of loans to be created to get people into homes they cannot afford. Now look at where we are
9. Amtrak – never has every made money
10. Public transportation – always loosing money and raising fares
11. Cars for Clunkers – the current admin could not even manage a small 1 billion dollar program.

Now the Kool Aid drinkers want to give the government the ability to run healthcare. How would it be any differen then any of the government run industries above?

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