Why did the investment bankers think it was profitable idea to securitize bundle bad mortgage loans?

First I don’t understand why banks would loan money to someone with bad credit or not having the means to repay. Second I don’t understand why investment companies like Bears Stearns would repurchase the loans from the banks. Securitize them and sell them as bonds. What are they learning at these prestigious business schools? How to be a licensed crook? The credit rating agencies are seem to be payed by not assigning the proper credit ratings. The country is falling apart because people don’t have the discipline to live within there means. Greed is running rampant.

Here’s the story in a nutshell. I purchased a condo in 2005 on an ARM. Just out of a divorce, I decided to consolidate some debt with a home equity line of credit called a 125% loan. Bad move, since I didn’t first refi the ARM. Now, the housing market has slumped, my property value is down, I have negative equity, and I can’t refi. The ARM has gone up and is due to go up again in a couple months. My payment has doubled and I can’t afford it. What will happen if I default on the 1st mortgae but remain current on the second? In other words, what happens to the second mortgage, and how might I be liable even if the payments are current on that loan?

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