Why can’t I get a mortgage loan?

Why can’t I get a mortage loan and Where can I get a mortgage loan? My credit score is 730, I have been at the same job since I was in highschool, I am only 21 but I have never paid anything late I have stable income I have a second job that I have been at for almost a year and I pay rent every month, I have friends with mortgages lower, yes lower than my rent! It makes me insane I feel like I’m throwing all my money away paying for someone else’s house. I just want to buy my own house and I have tried two different places and cannot get approved for a mortgage loan and I just don’t understand why! I obviously could afford it if I pay rent and my fiance would be the co-signer but when I applied with him it didn;t help because he has bad credit.HELP! Where can I get a mortgage!!!

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