Why can I not get help with a Home Modification Loan?

About a year ago I had talked to my mortgage lender about the Home Modification Loan it appeared that I would qualify. This process to approximately four months just to learn that I made too much money. I questioned that because I had earned less than 32K. So thinking that enough time had passed that I would try again. After talking with the lender again I learned that as long as I can make my $ 1650.00 month payment it does not matter where I get the money from. Last year I earned $ 33,680.00. I am upside down in my home. I owe approximately $ 227,680. The county auditor has assessed my home and property to be worth approximately $ 1360,000. Talk about being upside down. I have had to get help in removing some debt which has ruined my credit score. If I understand my lender I can refuse to make my month payments for a time, cut my work hours down, get laid off, become disabled than maybe I can get help.
I am a 54 year old female with a college degree, which I am now having to pay back and it seems as though I am caught between a rock and a hard spot.
Is there really no help for any of us who are trying to keep our homes, keep our jobs and our dignity?
Losing is not an Option but it appears as though the lending organizations want my home and for me to fail.
I have lost the American dream of keeping my home and have a retirement, At the the age of 54?!

By the way I thought that the government had given the banks money and the means to help. What happened?

Tammy J. Rafferty

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