Why buy a vendor behind closed credit-output on a house we do?

Hello! We buy a house and should close in a few days, and our credit department is in our lender closing prices with a “ready to close” status, are just waiting for the HUD form that lists all closing costs to complete. But, says the company handling escrow us “off the record” to be counted a problem with the seller than things will take. Some lenders how our work with that party. I can not understand why the seller of credit all the materials, or why creditors have nothing to do with it. The seller pays a portion of our cost close, maybe “credit” means that its contribution to closing costs and not their solvency? However, I do not understand what would be the time – the clause says: “Pay $ 5,000 for closing costs and seller pre-paid” simply nothing kompliziert.Meines knowledge is not the seller to purchase a new home. She has too much money to repay their loans to stop because they sell less than they bought. The reason we worry about the timing, because our rate lock guess the late two days after the person Endtermin.Hat provided what could happen? Since the company has talked off the record “, said she would not give us the details. It is in the state of Oregon, where lawyers are not generally used, and we work directly with a lender and not a mortgage Broker.Vielen Thanks in advance!

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