why are the home loan companies making it impossible for you to get improved for a loan?

I mean my husband is trying to get a home loan, he has good credit score, no fico score, but we have a lot of good credit references. He has a good paying stable job, and still the loan companies are making it impossible for us to get a loan. They come up with ridiculous letters, like they sent a letter for his employer to sign yes or no if he gets guarenteed overtime. who the hell gets guarenteed overtime?? And just because his employer said he couldnt guarentee overtime, they refused us the loan. And the time before that the other company, decided to bring up at the last minute a week before escrow closes, about the mello roos that so happenly made us go 80 dollars over our loan, so we had to try to find a co-signer the last minute just for 80 frickin dollars, when we couldnt find anyone, they refused us the loan. I mean, i see people with bad credits get home loans. WHY NOT US??
OOPS the title was supposed to say “impossible for you to get APPROVED for a loan.”

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