Why are people outside of major cities, like the suburbs, and more rural places so conformist & unenlightened?

They’re not enlightened people, or ambitious/motivated people, or fearless, or great, or authors, or writers, or really successful and inspirational. They’re not original or independent. They’re like these sheep mentallity, dumbed down, conformist, afraid/fearful, jealous/petty, co-dependent, bound by traditions/customs, following the crowd, judgemental, and weird people, who can only slow down someone who’s not like them, or of that mindset.

I hate it. I am a city person, I love cities like Manhattan, london, west coast, etc, they have alot to offer, and they challenge my mind, and I just love it. But whenever I go back to stupid suburbia or more out in the country,I find myself surrounded by these air-headed, conformist, shallow sheep people, who have no respect or care for anyone outside of their own little world, don’t know much and yet act like it’s all them, and that they have power or are right over you. It’s oppressive.

I find myself feeling oppressed, unappreciated, unloved, hated on, mis-understood and dumbed down whenever I hang out, or try to mingle with these people.

Their only interests are…work till you die, get the lowest rates possible on loans, insurances, mortgages, what schools to send junior at, shopping at stores, getting deals on items,…fixing their lawn, decorating their christmas tree…they just seem to be so….”cookie cutter boring,” that I simply cannot relate to them or want to, so to me, they’re the boring freaks, but to them,

I’m the crazy freak,

so that’s my problem, and that’s partially why I ignore alot of the general public because I expect them to be like this and slow me down or just..get in my way of trying to be individual and what not.

But why generally are people in suburban areas or outside of major cities like this?

I just can’t stand it. The whole “OMIGOSH OMIGOSH he’s so hot, she’s so hot, look at what they’re wearing, look at their house, look at their car,…”


I really can’t stand it.

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